F1 2005 GP USA

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F1 2005 GP USA

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Voor de leuk.....

Ik kwam op een oude telefoon nog een audio bestandje tegen van een interview tussen Jack Plooij (JP) & Paul Stoddart (PS) tijdens genoemde race, die helaas om de verkeerde redenen één van de dieptepunten in de F1 bleek te zijn. Ook Olav Mol (OM) had een klein rolletje :P

Ik vond het wel leuk om dit in tekst uit te werken. Al blijft het goud om het interview gewoon te horen met de unieke man die Stoddart is. Je ziet hem gewoon voor je :lol:

En ik zie dat het woord F*** bij het plaatsen word vervangen door het woord oeps :lol: :lol: :lol:
Dit kan ik helaas niet veranderen...... dus waar je oeps leest staat er daadwerkelijk F***

JP: Happy for the points?

PS: I'm not the slightest bit interested. It's the saddest day in recent Formula 1 history. We had an opportunity to have a race here this afternoon. It was denied by the non approval of putting in a chicane. The Michelin runners have my sympathy and the only reason my cars are out there is because the Jordans went out. Having agreed this morning they wouldn't go out, they went out.

JP: Yeah, but what could you do?

PS: I can't do anything. I'm a Bridgestone runner. I don't take any pleasure in this. This is not a race, it's a farce. My apologies go out to the fans that are here today and to the millions & millions of people watching this on television around the world. This is why Formula 1 needs to be a sport, not........

JP: Are you angry with me?

PS: Yeah, I'm angry!

JP: With me?!

PS: No, not with you Jack! I just was gonna swear on your tv station and I thought better of it okay!

OM: You can. You can.

JP: You can swear on our tv station, no worries.

PS: I can? Are you sure? This is oeps crazy! The FIA needs to get a grip with itself and sort this sport out before there's no oeps sport to sort out. This today is bullshit!

OM: *laughs* Don't overdo it.

JP: This is what we want to hear, but please Paul, one second..... Chris is out there and Chris said to me before.........

PS: The championship is over for Minardi. We were only fighting Jordan. This bullshit race has meant the season finishes here. We can't ever overtake the points from today. You know, it's over. This race has not only screwed the Michelin runners..... it's not a race, this farce...... has not just screwed the Michelin runners, it's screwed up the little fight between Minardi and Jordan that was getting quite good.

JP: Okay, but I want to go to Christijan. Because I spoke to him before the race and he said I don't give a oeps. I'm going for this race, I wanna have a good position.

PS: He's a racing driver and if you spoke to all the racing drivers a lot of them would've wanted to race, but sometimes you have a situation in life where it's better to do the right thing. And we had agreed nine teams, forget Ferrari, nine teams had actually decided before this race that unless that chicane was put in we wouldn't race. And now there's three teams competing out there. And I will say now publicly on television that there's only one reason I'm out there. I don't agree with this race going ahead. We should've all been out there. We should've all been taking part in the race and all that had to happen, under safety reasons, how crazy is this......

JP: So it's again Jean Todt?

PS: Well, it's not Todt.... Todt just very nicely stayed out of it all, but it was.......

JP: I never saw him on any meeting.

PS: He didn't come to any. It was Max Mosley who actually said that they would not put the chicane in. He said that in a telephone call with all the team principals, bar Todt, in the room to Flavio Briatore.

JP: Okay, thank you. But if there are points, can I come and congratulate you with these points?

PS: Not a point really. As you can see the race is, well the farce is going on and I'm smoking a cigarette in the back of the garage. I'm only interested in my drivers and their safety and that is okay, but I'm not interested..... This is not a race!!

JP: We appreciate your good for the sport.

PS: Thank you.
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